The Children's Forest

Planting a vision 


Our vision

For children world wide to plant, tend, restore and protect forests for the future generations.

These Children's Forests will be protected land, a sanctuary for the children of all species

We are starting in the UK in partnerships with local landowners, schools and outdoor educators

About Us

How We're Helping

This project has grown out of a community of practitioners of Forest Schools and other movements that take children out into woods and the natural world. We are very grateful to see the transformative effect this has on the children and we want to play a part in empowering more children and their communities to create long term relationships of stewardship for the regeneration of woodlands. We feel this will help our children discover positive creative responses to the pressures of climate change and biodiversity loss. 

How We Work

We aim to empower local groups to lead the creation of their own Children's Forest, that will become part of a growing national map of woodlands under this banner.  From pockets in school playgrounds to huge new forests on country estates or land owned by local councils and utilities companies all are welcome. 

We will do this by sharing inspiration, resources, links to local experts and training in how to set up long term positive relationships with  land and landowners. 

At the heart of our approach is putting children at the centre of the process, using our 4 stage approach that is based on a model tested for decades amongst practitioners of nature connection and outdoor education.  Experience, Imagine, Plant, Care... 

1. Experience, learning and play in existing woodland

2. Imagination and creative envisioning of a new forest

3. Children planting ecologically appropriate native trees 

4. Long term tending - becoming a guardian and building community around stewardship of woodland

How You Can Help...

If you can help through monetary donations, volunteering your time to help start a local Children's Forest Project,  introducing landowners, or helping our small core team with professional skills and developing shareable learning resources and videos or spreading our vision through word-of-mouth, thank you! 

Contact Us

If you are interested in aligning with and being part of or supporting the Children's Forest in any way we'd love to hear from you! Please fill out below or mail

Better yet, see us in person!

We love to be in the woods and conversations round camp fires after a bit of planting 

and tending the wild, hope we can meet in person. 

The Children's Forest Team